7 Additions for a Better Looking Yard

Outdoor Bench

While a simple yard bench may seem like a simple object to add to your yard, the key is making it more than just a yard piece and into something that actually gets used. Placing a bench under a large tree in the yard gives the members of a house the perfect place to sit and chat, read, or relax and watch the sun rise and set. If you do not have a large enough tree to place a bench under, positioning the bench under a window also has a nice esthetic.

Estimated Cost: $60 – $200

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Tree Spotlights

Adding an affordable solar powered spotlight under the trees in the yard is perhaps the best outdoor lighting yard improvement one can make when on a budget. They make the trees in the yard pop at night giving them a neat shadow effect, and for less than $100 you can light up all of the main trees in your yard.

Estimated Cost: $25

Product Reccomendations:

Quality Mailbox

Is your mailbox old, leaning over, rotting, or knocked down? Regardless of which of those describes your mailbox, it’s time for a mailbox that’s going to last you 20 years and still look good. The first thing that anyone seeing of your home before anything else, is the mailbox. And as we all know, first impressions are everything. While it may be tempting to buy another cheap plastic or wooden mailbox, investing in a high quality cast iron mailbox will give your home the right first impression and last much longer at the end of your driveway than any other mailbox would. Despite to price being high, this is the yard addition that is going to bring you the most value over a long period of time (15+ yrs).

Estimated Cost: $300 – $500

Product Reccomendations:

Fire Pit

A fire pit may seem like a hassle to build, but one can certainly settle for a fire pit that can be purchased via amazon for less than $100. Add a few lawn chairs and before you know it the neighbors will just invite themselves over.

Estimated Cost: $60+

Product Reccomendations:


Hose Holder

Like many, the hose in our yard was just sitting in the grass. It’s easy to trip over, get caught under the lawn mower, and just looks sloppy. A simple hose holder is a functional addition to the yard and will keep the hose from causing any trouble.

Estimated Cost: $50+

Product Reccomendations:


Bird House

Who doesn’t love to see nature among men? Taking a few minutes to put up a bird house will add an intrinsic element to your yard and make your yard the destination for the birds from around your area.

Estimated Cost: $20+

Product Reccomendations:


Bird Bath

Unlike a bird feeder, a bird bath doesn’t necessarily need to be filled up incrementally. The rain can do it for you. As an item that is frankly, unique, a bird bath can add distinction to your yard by adding an element to open space.

Estimated Cost: $40+

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