5 Things To Look For In A High Quality Mailbox

Looking to purchase a new mailbox? While shopping for a mailbox, you will find a variety of choices. Here are the top five features to consider when looking for a high quality mailbox.

1. Material
Historically mailboxes were made of metal. Today mailboxes can be made of metal, plastic or wood. The material you choose depends on your preference and need for longevity in a mailbox. Plastic and wood mailboxes quickly fade with exposure to the sun and wood deteriorates and can even mold. We have found the best quality mailbox material to weather the elements is some type of metal such as cast aluminum because of its durability and anti-rusting properties.

2. Size
On-line shopping continues to increase each year. If you are like many, you receive packages from on-line purchases. Your mailbox should be large enough to hold and protect large envelopes or small packages. Furthermore, if you are someone who mails packages on occasion, a large mailbox is something you will appreciate.

3. Personalization
USPS guidelines require you to personalize your mailbox with your home or business address numbers. It is important that your house numbers are large and visibly stand out for a mail carrier or anyone visiting your home. Individually mounted numbers or a personalized side plaque customized with your house numbers and street name are the best options. Conversely, mounted numbered stickers on a mailbox tend to fade and/or peel away over the years and make your mailbox look dated and weathered.

4. Latching Mechanism
How many times have you seen a neighbor’s mailbox door constantly hanging open? You will want a mailbox door that securely latches to keep your mail safe and dry. Mechanically latched and press-fit mailbox doors tend to wear over time, leaving you with a mailbox door hanging open or possible lost mail. We have found that for a secure mailbox door a strong magnetic closure will not wear and will last over time .

5. Warranty
According to the National Association of Homebuilders, 50% of homeowners remain in their home for at least ten years. If you are a homeowner who values your home, you will want a quality mailbox to last over the years. You could buy a cheaper option, however you will spend more time and money replacing it over and over again. Although you may pay a little more for it, a high quality mailbox will be backed by a manufacturer’s warranty giving the assurance you need for the duration of the time in your home.

Considering these top five features you will not only have yourself a high quality mailbox but also a mailbox that will add curb appeal to your home.